Links of Interest

Professional Bodies

Wave Rock at Heyden, Western AustraliaAustralian Homœopathic Association

Australian Register of Homoeopaths

European Central Council of Homoeopaths (ECCH)

Homoeopathic Medical Council of Canada (HMCC)

North American Society of Homoeopaths (NASH)

Society of Homoeopaths (UK)

You Tube

The Memory of Water: Click Here to view an interesting clip showing how Jacques Benveniste and his team provided convincing evidence showing the mechanism for the efficacy of homoeopathy. 

Other Links

Australian Vaccination Network - General Vaccines & Information, Australian Vaccination Network and Informed Voice Magazine - empowering people to make informed health choices.

Hahnemann Instituut Nederland

Homoeopathic Research & Charities

Homoeopathy World Community Creating Waves of Awareness

Information on Homoeopathy & Homoeopathic treatment (free online Homoeopathic magazine)

Institute for the History of Medicine Rober Bosh Foundation Germany

MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks Homoeopathic Software

New Norcia; Birthplace of Homoeopathy in Western Australia

Samuel Hahnemann - a short biography of the Founder of Homoeopathy

Skandinavisk Institutt for Klassisk Homeopati

What Doctors Don't Tell You (WDDTY) is a health advice site with free online articles, blogs and forums

What Really Works; The Insider’s Guide to Natural Health. A complementary health site dedicated to helping people make their own fully informed health and lifestyle choices

Zeus Information Service, Alternative Views on Health, alternative healing and Homoeopathy News; sends out daily controversial news about health matters via email.

Homoeopathic Pharmacies

Ainsworth; general public, practitioners and students sale

Brauer Natural Medicine; practitioners and students sale only

Friendlies chemists; individual remedies upon request; general public

Helios Homoeopathic Pharmacy (UK); general public, practitioners and students sale

HSC, the Homoeopathic Supply Company; general public, practitioners and students sale

Martin & Pleasance; practitioners and students sale only

Nelsons Natural World; general public, practitioners and students sale

Owen Homoeopathics; general public, practitioners and students sale

Simillimum Homoeopathic Pharmacy; practitioners and students sale only

Homoeopathy Book Stores

Homoeopathic Books


Tara Bookshop

WA Homoeopathy Courses

Australian Institute of Holistic Medicine

Endeavour College of Natural Health

paramount College of Natural Medicine

Other Articles of Interest

My Top 10 Stress Busters by Miranda Castro


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