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Dear Practitioner,

Medibank Private are now considering homoeopathy a "mainstream extra", claimable under Natural therapies, for patients who have extras cover with the fund. This will enable far more of your patients to claim a rebate for their consultations!

In a further development, the fund is also in the process of issuing each practitioner an individual provider number, which will ease the confusion that many may have experienced when trying to use the old APN provider number system.

Many of you may have already received your new provider number. Unfortunately, implementation of the new system has proved problematic for the fund. You should receive an individual provider number for each clinic address that you have advised to AROH. However, you will receive these all in different letters, over the next few weeks. You may also receive provider numbers for clinics that you have closed! Please be assured that correct and up to date details have been sent to the fund by AROH. This is a problem with their internal systems and we are working with their staff to have the problems corrected. If you have not yet received a provider number that is applicable to your current clinic address, then it will be much easier for your patients if they can wait a few weeks before submitting their claims. Please also be careful to use the correct provider number for the address that is shown on each receipt that you issue.

I'd suggest that you advise your patients who are insured with Medibank Private to check if their policies now cover homoeopathy - they may be pleasantly surprised! Please also advise them that the fund is having problems with the implementation of the new system and to advise you if there is a problem with their claim. If you then email me, I will endeavour to have it sorted out.

Lorraine Vine
Executive Support Officer
Australian Register of Homoeopaths
122 Church Street
Wollongong NSW 2500

Recognition by Health Funds:

All AHA professional members are registered with AROH (Australian Register of Homoeopaths).  Most health funds now provide rebates on consultations by AROH-registered Homoeopaths as part of their schedules of ‘extras’ cover.  AROH regularly provides a list of Homoeopathic practitioners registered with AROH to all health funds, whom then grant automatic provider registration.  Individual provider registration is not usually required.  Please note: health funds may change their rules of provider recognition.

To download the PDF latest listing of health funds providing rebates for Homoeopathic consultations by registered practitioners.  Please visit the AROH website: under the registration link at the top of the page, scroll down to health funds. 

2009 Retrospect:

With the introduction of the new accreditation rules for private health funds, Medibank Private initiated a site audit of all complementary medicine associations, including AROH.  I am pleased to advise that AROH was the only organisation which passed the audit with 100% score, and received glowing compliments from the auditor.  As a result of this successful audit, AROH has now been granted provider status for its registrants by Medibank Private.

This is a considerable achievement after many years of unsuccessful lobbying by AROH and AHA before that.  Each practitioner registered with AROH will be issued their own Medibank Private provider number, after which time they will become active providers.  Provider status with Medibank private will commence on 1.7.09. Jon Gamble - Registrar


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