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Kangaroo Paw Native FlowerAll members are welcome to use the library located at Owen Homoeopathics during Owen hours or by prior arrangement.

Owen Homoeopathics:

Address: 443 Great Eastern Hwy, Redcliffe (Entrance off Coolgardie St)
Retail Hours: 10am – 3pm (Monday to Friday)
Phone: 08 9277 9565

Mention to the Owen staff that you have come to use the AHA member’s library, rather than the public library, although you are welcome to look at those books and journals as well.  The library contains some great resources.

Homoeopathy books, journals, seminar manuals and recordings are available.  The majority of library stock is Homoeopathic; however you will also find information on other alternative medicine, such as Herbs and Flower Essences.


Merchandise & Professional Stationery

The AHA encourages Professional Members to promote their clinics and the profession. ‘Grass roots’ activities such as talks and promotions in member’s clinics, and presentations in local libraries and community centres, have enjoyed success in recent years.

To assist you in such activities the WA AHA provides a range of support materials for Professional Members.


  1. DVD - Homoeopathy  Everyday Homoeopathy - public talks, including Dr Peter Fisher (talks at 2008 Nat Conference) 


Brochures/ Leaflets:

  1. Allergy Brochure - explains the difference between allergies & intolerances, and how Homoeopathy may help.  
  2. Asthma Brochure - explains asthma and its triggers & the suitability of homoeopathic treatment. 
  3. Children Love Homoeopathic Medicine Brochure - explains the suitability of Homoeopathy for children. 
  4. Homoeopathy Explained Brochure - an informative brochure suitable as an introduction to Homoeopathy for clients. 
  5. Privacy Brochure - for all new patients, designed to meet your legal obligations under Privacy Acts. 
  6. Promo Homoeopathy Leaflet - an attractive double-sided full-colour leaflet to help you promote your clinic [only 2c each] 


  1. First-Aid Poster - a colourful poster with photos & advice on the use of remedies in common first aid situations. 
  2. Homoeopathy Man Poster – a decorative orange wall poster, displaying a dusky red man, written inside of the man are all the diseases Homoeopathy can help, and then written outside of the man is the AHA logo and the national website. 

Receipt Book:

  1. Receipt book - self-carboning & badged with the AHA logo. 

Remedy Bottles & Holders:

  1. 5ml clear glass bottles with lids
  2. Remedy case holding 10 or 20 x 5ml bottles

Sick Leave:

  1. Sick leave notification letters, with the AHA logo

To purchase and for available cost please contact the WA branch secretary:  Please note postage & packaging is at cost, unless otherwise stated.

For a list of Merchandise and Profession Stationary available from other branches, please visit the AHA national website >> Professional Members >> Stationary & Promotion. 


We are trialling a National Newsletter only, in place of the State newsletter.

Previously the WA AHA Branch Newsletter was sent out four times a year.  The newsletter contained information about activities of local interest to their membership, such as workshops and seminars, advertisements and more.

The quarterly National Newsletter contains items of interest to members throughout Australia, such as details of forthcoming conferences, seminars, news items, articles, and advertisements.

For more detailed information about the AHA Publications, please visit the AHA national website, click on ‘About AHA’, and then click on ‘Publications’.


If you are interested in receiving Homoeopathic Journals from around the world, then please contact Susan Rodriguez (Journals Coordinator) by phone on 0405 944 612 or email on  They are sent out four times a year and are always informative and interesting.  Back issues are also available.

A small list of some of the Journals includes:

  1. Homoeopathic Links (Europe)
  2. Homoeopathy Today (National Center for Homoeopathy, US)
  3. Homoeopathy in Practice (Alliance of Registered Homoeopaths, UK)
  4. Homoeopathy International (Homoeopathic Medical Association, UK


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